Daily routines for moving forward in challenging times

For many, it’s tough out there isn’t it?

Doing what I do, the wide range of CEOs, MDs, and Directors I speak to covers an equally broad spectrum of the current economic and business experiences. From those who are experiencing highest ever levels of business success, to those who have had to close their long-standing business and make their team redundant, to those who have started new ventures, and to those who are struggling to determine what to do next, and many, many variations in between.

But there are a few common themes among all of them – one of which is being in a position of leadership often means others look to them for guidance and direction, yet far less often do they have someone who does the same for them. Well, it is alleged to be ‘lonely at the top’, isn’t it?

In working with this diverse group, developing the required solutions delivers as many variations as the people who they are for.

However, one of the common solutions is to develop simple routines (we are ‘creatures of habit’ after all) for the start of each day that help improve focus, stability, and well-being.

So, as we all seem to know someone who might like a little support at the moment, if they would like to give this a try here (above) is just one simple ‘start-the-day’ routine.

Feel free to add a comment on how it works for you.

Take care and stay safe.

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