Gloucestershire’s largest business network.

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I have a huge passion for local business for local businesses, particularly Gloucestershire businesses (where I live).

Did you know…for every £1 spent with a locally owned independent business, typically 70p stays in the local community. When that £1 is spent with a large, nationwide chain, it is often as little as 5p.

Taking an approximation, if the employees of Gloucestershire SMEs spent £10 per week with a locally owned business instead of a national chain, an extra £100 million could stay in the county’s economy every year. At least!

Or to put it another way, if your local economy was offered a boost of a billion pounds over the next 10 years, would you take it?

Doesn’t take too much to work out, does it?

I created the #GlosBiz hashtag in late summer 2010 to support and promote Gloucestershire businesses on Twitter. (Here’s a blog post about that beginning).

Since then, the GlosBiz® initiative has grown and grown, with groups and pages on LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+ (just search for ‘GlosBiz’), as well as the @GlosBiz Twitter stream.

GlosBiz® has also voluntarily organises highly popular not-for-profit business events.

GlosBiz® is really making a difference to many businesses in Gloucestershire:

  • The #GlosBiz hashtag reaches at least 1.3 million unique users every week
  • GlosBiz® connects over 11,000 businesses across the county (considerably more than any other ‘business support’ organisation)
  • Over 25,000 local business people connect, recommend and discuss through GlosBiz® social media groups and pages

If you’re in business in Gloucestershire, just search for ‘GlosBiz’ to join – it’s completely free!

GlosBiz® is a registered trademark.


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