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Building better businesses

Building better businesses

Sustaining growth, improving leadership, developing strategies. Address the key risks facing your business, and avoid the main reasons for business failure. Call 01242-672440
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The role of Emotional Intelligence

The role of Emotional Intelligence

Developing emotional intelligence is now widely recognised across all business sectors as one of the most valuable predictors of leadership, management and business success.
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Executive coaching & mentoring

Executive coaching & mentoring

I am a professionally qualified executive coach, trained mentor, considerably experienced in both fields, focusing on working with business leaders, managers, and owners. Call 01242-672440
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Delivering 'problem' projects

Delivering 'problem' projects

Do you have a 'problem' project, or one that has 'gone off the rails', or just isn't delivering? Contact me to get your projects back on track, and delivering what they should. Call: 01242-672440
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What is the best communication style for you and your business? Easy! The simplest!

How often do you read something only to find yourself trying to work out what the author is trying to explain?

Have you fund some writers write in such a complicated style that you struggle to understand what they mean?

Or, potentially worst of all, you lose interest and stop reading any further?

Yet, the ability to communicate effectively is arguably one of the most important skills to have…in all walks of life!

First of all, let me emphasise that I am no ‘writer’ by any stretch of the imagination! In fact, far from it! Given the choice, I much prefer working with numbers than words.

But, I do have to do a lot of reading in my work: articles on the latest developments in leadership, executive coaching, business psychology, and emotional intelligence for example, plus a wide range of, often lengthy, client documents.

So, I get a fairly good opportunity to experience many different writing styles, and have learned that effective, engaging communication is all too rare.

All too often, I end up reflecting on what I have been reading, and realising how I struggled to understand its content, or how I lost interest in it, or how the information was presented in just too complicated a way.

The end result? The writer doesn’t get their ‘message’ across, and the ‘reader’ doesn’t retain any information (or, frequently, doesn’t even read far enough through the document to reach the information).

The solution?

I firmly believe in keeping things simple, so simple it is. Simple works!

Probably the easiest way I can explain this is by using my very simple ‘formula’ (which I have mentioned before in blog articles). When it comes to communication:

simple + clear = effective

It works! Trust me!

Keep your communication simple, and keep it very clear, and it will be effective.

Even better news is that you can apply this simple ‘formula’ to almost any aspect of your work or personal lives where communication is needed.

A few examples:

  • leadership
  • management
  • job applications
  • writing to those ‘long lost’ relatives
  • etc

But, this simple approach is nothing new.

Back in 1986, professional excellence expert and professional coaching originator Timothy Gallwey developed this:

The performance of any ‘system’ (examples include: communications, or a machine, or a business, or even a human) is equal to its potential (which is always 100%) less the influence of the things that interfere with (and therefore reduce) that potential.

So, there you are!

If you really want your communication to work, keep it simple, keep it clear, and it will be effective.

To find out more about how I work with business executives, leaders and owners to maximise their potential and success, and the benefits of professional executive coaching and mentoring, particularly in developing leadership, strategy and growing a business, please contact me:

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