Leadership: Better Today, Even Better Tomorrow

Every leader typically will have a number of tips that are similar to others, and many more that are very different.

No wonder excellence in leadership is such a challenging target.

As you might expect, there are many articles written, podcasts made, and websites built that are full of these hints and tips. But with leadership being such a vital skill for success, whether you run a brand new single-person start-up, or are head of a FTSE100 multi-national, sorting the proverbial ‘wheat’ from the ‘chaff’ can create more confusion that it’s worth.

So here are a few simple tips that I have found very useful, and links to a couple of easy-reading online articles that might be of interest:

  • practice your leadership skills – both of yourself and others – every day. Remember to reflect on your successes and difficulties, learn from them and try again
  • communicate, communicate, communicate. Your communication can always get better, and it’s a vital skill
  • clearly understand your ‘big picture’ and communicate it to all. Review and update it regularly
  • make decisions. Decisions that don’t work out can be corrected. Dithering, and delaying decisions helps no-one
  • ensure every decision achieves commitment from those it effects
  • clearly establish the actions associated with every decision – who has committed to doing what, and when
  • set out to achieve excellence in everything you do – it’s another of those things that has ‘no finish line’