They’re Flat on the Bottom for a Reason!

The importance of keeping ‘grounded’ should not be underestimated…

Staying ‘grounded’. Its a phrase most of us have some understanding of what it means, but how many of us actually make the effort to work out just how ‘grounded’ we really are?

For me, working in the fields of professional executive coaching, mentoring and consulting is one continuous learning experience (no pun intended). It also tends to pull you in all sort of different directions, often at the same time. Occasionally, perhaps after a particularly crazy month or two, I am left with a sensation of ‘looseness’ – that my ‘grounding’ has come unstuck.

In coaching, a professional coach has a responsibility to the client to retain neutrality and I have found that the better my ‘grounding’, the easier it is to maintain and deliver that neutrality to the highest quality.

As for how I keep my ‘grounding’ or even ‘re-ground’ myself, I find that asking myself some reflective, challenging questions works for me (I guess it’s the coach in me coming out). Perhaps they might work for you too?

So, below are some of the questions that I make sure I answer (obviously, you can add your own too).

Here we go (not in any particular order):

What is the likely outcome of my current focus?

How am I?

What am I doing to support my core values?

What, that is completely within my influence, should I change and how?

What am I responsible for and to whom?

How open am I being to the questions the universe is asking of me, and how am I responding?

What positive contribution(s) have I made today/this week/etc?

If I re-ran today/this week/etc, what would I change?

What have I learnt from today/this week/etc?

How do I know (for sure) who I really am?

Obviously, there could be many, many more!

So, you see it’s not just those things on the end of your legs that help keep you grounded.

Although, your feet really are flat on the bottom for a reason!

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