Tune-Up Your Thinking – 5 Books

If you work anywhere near the fields of coaching and mentoring, or even if you just have a passing interest in them, then you probably appreciate the importance of not just facilitating developing your client’s thinking, but also your own.

Here are five books that have had interesting influences on my own thinking – and they’re not necessarily about thinking!

If you decide to give any of these a go, please let me know what you think.

As always, this is just a list of some of the books that have helped my thinking – there are many, many others, and if you have any favourites, please feel free to add them through the comments box below.

Happy reading!

  • Think! Before It’s Too Late – Edward de Bono, this book helps you to think about thinking, particularly how historical influences have guided our thinking today, and what we can learn about how to change it
  • Wikinomics – Don Tapscott, Anthony D. Williams, in this social media world, this helps us to consider and understand the influence and changes that mass collaboration can have.
  • How To Have Creative Ideas – Edward de Bono, a great fun book, full of exercises to develop how your creativity works, and, importantly, how to make it effective
  • How To Be Brilliant – Michael Heppell, this book is another and, in many ways, different view on changing your ways (or when you are working with clients to change theirs). Particularly, it focusses on how to do these quickly, economically and with fun
  • How To Have A Beautiful Mind – Edward de Bono, yes, I know, de Bono yet again! This is one of my favourite books of his. It closely works on how to develop your thinking to be ‘irresistible’ – a great ‘rapport building’ contribution

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