‘Tip’ Your Business….Towards Success!

Ever noticed how sometimes, just sometimes, something takes off?

And I mean really takes off?

Such as Twitter or Foursquare or Hush Puppies or Sesame Street or Air Travel and so on, and on, and on?

But what makes these, generally unlikely products or services ‘tip’ into a position of such popularity and success?

What do they all have in common?

What qualities brought about their dramatic rise to popular use and acceptance?

Strangely enough, they really do all have some common characteristics.

If ever you have read the classic book The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell, you will already be making the connections.

Consider these three characteristics and see if you can identify them in the examples I have given above:

  • The original idea was contagious – it was ‘catchy’, something new or distinctly different in its market place, or it created a whole new market or area of interest by itself, such that it caught on with many, even if those interested parties were originally in the minority in terms of their interests, habits or activities
  • Small changes have huge effects – if the Wright Brothers’ original single-seater design for an aeroplane had stayed as it was, would air travel ever have taken off? (No pun intended). Unlikely! What if the originators of Sesame Street hadn’t carried out lots of research to find out how kids liked to be entertained (their early attempts at the programme were nowhere near as successful as they are today)? In all the examples above, somebody, somewhere had the awareness to make the small changes that took the ‘good’ idea and turned it into a ‘great’ one
  • Change happens in one dramatic moment – where, after years and even centuries of happily doing without any of the examples above, they suddenly become incredibly popular. They become desirable to many, many people through their benefits being easily understood and discussed, spreading the ‘word’

So, how can you apply this to your business?

Ask yourself these questions and see where you get to:

  • Of all the things that my business delivers, which one gets the most interest and is most talked about (by people outside the business)?
  • How can I develop it to make it more appealing to more people?
  • How, where and when could I test it to see how the development is going?
  • What is my plan for letting the world know about it and how practical and achievable is that plan?

That little lot should keep you busy for a while!

However, if you’re interested in taking it further, let me know.

Good luck!

Special thanks to Malcolm Gladwell and his excellent book ‘The Tipping Point’ for helping me work this out!

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