Networking Made Easy!

I wonder….

How many people attend regular ‘networking’ events, but struggle to get the best out of them?

It would appear around 80% of these people are unsatisfied with what they get out of networking.

Crazy isn’t it?

So, here are a few simple tips to help your networking do that little bit more for you:

Always take with you:

  • Business cards
  • A pen
  • You do not need to take any ‘marketing materials
  • Remember to make sure your name badge clearly shows your first name, and wear it high up on your right side

Networking events are all about:

  • Big Fish (seek out the people who are potential regular customers, great value suppliers or reliable referrers), and
  • Coffee (all you have to do it arrange to have a coffee with them another ti
  • me)

Two things you already have that are great for networking:

  • Good manners
  • The ability to talk

It’s just like getting to know anyone – the 5 steps in a networking conversation:

  • Get into the conversation smoothly – develop a simple intro. e.g.: “Hi, I’m Bob.”
  • Talk about them (first!) – ask lots of questions and be interested
  • Talk about you when they ask – remember your AFTERs
  • Chat – business interests, current affairs, sport, hobbies, local topics, etc
  • Leave the conversation politely! Remember to ask who is their ‘ideal’ client, and who could you refer to them (and vice versa)

About YOU:

  • Remember your AFTERs – the benefits clients are left with after they have worked with you
  • Tell people what you do, not your job title – have an impact!
  • Describe what sort of clients you work with or are looking for
  • facts tell, stories sell – give real examples of your successes and explainthe need for what you do
  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors and others in your industry
  • It’s always better to say too little than too much – keep them coming back for more
  • Don’t waffle!

What you are:

  • You’re not an accountant – you help people pay less tax!
  • You’re not an estate agent – you help people find their dream home!
  • You’re not a web designer – you help businesses be more successful online!

Where networking is concerned, it’s only as difficult as you want to make it.

Give these easy tips a try, and let me know how you get on.

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