Business alphabet: Q is for…Quality!

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From my monthly Building Better Businesses newsletter (subscribe here):

What does the term ‘quality’ actually mean to you?

It’s an interesting question, isn’t it?

Some of you might say you associate quality with high levels of workmanship, or customer service, or how well that new gadget work, perhaps?

However, when you’re a customer, what really does it mean?

Well, to me, it means giving customers exactly what they want. Not endless choices. Not what I think they want. Just exactly what they want.

Ask yourself, and your colleagues if they associate quality with getting exactly what they want as a customer. What answer do you usually get? Yes!

So, even though the components of quality can comprise a a vast number of elements, the ‘quality’ itself is associated with giving the customer exactly what they want.
Take Rolls-Royce cars, for example – the finest craftsmanship, engineering integrity, attention to detail, delivered on time, every time. Yes, these cars are rather pricey, but their customers expect nothing but the very best, so that’s what a ‘Royce’ sets out to deliver without question.
So, ask your customers what they want, exactly, and give it to them. Before you know it, they will be using the word ‘quality’ when they describe you and what you do – the best marketing you could wish for!