Business alphabet: M is for…Management!

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So when was the last time you heard, “I’m in management” and didn’t secretly just want to roll your eyes?

The word ‘management’ can tend to have that effect, can’t it?

Yet, in any business, particularly a growing business, it is essential that the management earns and sustains the respect of those all around, simply by doing what management should do – manage!

The challenge is that the term ‘management’ has come to mean so many things to so many people.

Fundamentally, anyone in management can only manage properly if they are given the right guidance and decisions from the organisation’s leadership.

Managers are there to implement those decisions and engage those in the wider business, and almost all of the managers I meet are perfectly capable of doing that brilliantly.

However, managers also need to be aware of their responsibility not just to manage ‘downwards’ to those they have direct responsibility for, but also ‘upwards’ to the business leadership not least if they are not providing sufficient information for effective management to take place, and also ‘sideways’ with their fellow peers within the management structure.

By doing this, a good manager both gives and receives a much wider understanding of what is required of them and how to be more effective in the business.

Give it a try if you’re not doing it already – you might well be surprised by the difference it makes.

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