Business alphabet: L is for…Leadership

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Interesting isn’t it?

How the simple word ‘leadership’ can seem to mean so many different things to so many people.

Yet, time and time again, the very best examples of genuine leadership are those that stick to the essence of what leadership actually is.

First of all, remember that leadership is not management!

Leadership is fundamentally about making decisions, as that is what every part of the organisation is dependent upon to operate. No decisions, no direction. No direction, and failure is probably just around the corner!

Great leadership is also about engaging and enlisting the support of those around you. The best leaders are often, incorrectly, seen as standing alone in what they do. But actually they simply could not do what they do without being able to lead those that surround them with their full support.

So, if you’re moving into a leadership role, keep it simple, make decisions, and remember to listen to others too.

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