All those little changes add up!

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Undertaking change to any extent can often be scary, disruptive, destabilising.

So make it easy on yourself!

Start mentioning the word ‘change’ in a business, and you will hear a strange noise.

It’s the sound of just about everyone within earshot running for cover!

We change many things in our lives almost every day, so what makes business change so unwelcome?

Obviously, change, by its very nature, is destabilising, disrupting and can create uncertainty for a while (at least), to mention just a few of its qualities. But, especially if it is designed and delivered well, change can be one of the most rewarding, motivating and success building actions both you and your business can undertake.

So, how can you deliver change without scaring everyone away, or creating chaos, or storing up ‘hidden’ issues that just cause problems in the future?

Here’s a few simple tips:

  • Only make changes if they are genuinely needed, or if you are certain they will deliver real benefits
  • Identify the actual changes needed without allowing your emotional connection to it, and others’ resistance to change, to influence your judgement unduly
  • Always, and I really do mean always plan change
  • Design a clear, simple ‘change plan’ with defined, measurable tasks and targets, and clear key dates and timescales
  • Implement the plan a little at a time – small changes quickly add up and are far less disruptive, and far more likely to be ‘bought into’ by everyone in your team and business
  • Resist the temptation to do too much too soon
  • Once you have confirmed each change is working, implement the next step
  • If your change plan isn’t working, have the courage to change it


The success of your change will also require excellent communication, at every step, with absolutely everyone affected by it.

So remind yourself of this easy communication ‘strategy’:

simple + clear = effective

Eliminate the waffle and your chances of success will increase significantly!

Good luck!

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