Business alphabet: F is for…Frequently Asked Questions!

When someone asks you a question, you almost always answer it, don’t you?

But do some clients, potential clients, suppliers, and those all-important referrers ask you the same questions regularly?

If so, then it could be a clear hint that your communication – your Twitter profile, your website, Facebook page, and so on – is not giving them what they seek.

However hard we try, it is unlikely that our website, social media profiles and pages, any printed and promotional items, and even the verbal communication we give out while networking will answer all of the questions other people ask all of the time.

So, whenever you are asked a question, especially if you find you are getting asked similar questions regularly, it could be a sign that your comms need reviewing.

Sometimes these questions might be as simple as, “What do you do?”, but whatever they are look carefully at how many of these FAQs can be answered simply and easily.

There’s a great way to think of your communication: simple+clear = effective

If you can answer most of the FAQs simply and easily, and often without you being there (e.g.: on your website), then how your network remembers you will be equally clear.

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