2014 – another year of client successes!

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Make your business boom in 2015!

Here’s a round-up of my client’s successes in 2014.

Growing a successful business is a minefield, especially as businesses are usually created by people who have a great idea, or who are really good at something in particular. You hardly ever come across people who start a business because they’re good at running a business. So here’s a ‘picture’ of how working with a specialist at growing and running businesses can take your business to new heights.

A Cheltenham-based client said to me in December,
“By working with Adrian throughout 2014, every aspect of our business has grown beyond all expectations.”

So, are you ready to give your make your business boom in 2015?

Needless to say, I’m often asked, “How can you help my business?”.

I could waffle on, probably endlessly, about the importance and benefits of achieving excellence in your leadership, business management and how you manage your growth, and by bringing greater focus and direction to your business. After all, it is what I’ve been doing for over 27 years (and I learn something new every day).
But, instead, I thought I’d let my client’s successes speak for themselves.

Here’s a selection of what my clients and I have achieved in working together in 2014:

  • over 30 new jobs created, plus another 19 already planned for 2015
  • year-on-year sales up +22% on average, and forecast to grow by another +18% next year
  • annual pre-tax profits up by +£0.95million collectively in 2014, and predicted to increase by an additional +£1.25million in 2015
  • average customer satisfaction up +27%
  • one third of clients are actively looking for larger premises
  • plus each and every one now benefits from a clearer strategy, improved planning, greater focus and direction, clearly identified and sustainable growth, and improved communication

So, how could your business benefit?


Make your business boom in 2015!

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