Business alphabet: I is for…Interesting!

Have you noticed how some messages, emails, posts or documents get far more attention than others? What makes them so interesting?

Actually the more interesting any document or message the more likely it is to have one particular quality about it – it makes the communication ‘human’.

The key is that a huge majority of ‘readers’, especially in a business context, want to feel assured they’re connecting with another human being, not a ‘robot’ or faceless entity.

So give your messages, posts, emails, etc, a ‘human’ element, let them know it really is YOU writing it, and they’ll be more interesting to more people.

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All those little changes add up!

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Undertaking change to any extent can often be scary, disruptive, destabilising.

So make it easy on yourself!

Start mentioning the word ‘change’ in a business, and you will hear a strange noise.

It’s the sound of just about everyone within earshot running for cover!

We change many things in our lives almost every day, so what makes business change so unwelcome?

Obviously, change, by its very nature, is destabilising, disrupting and can create uncertainty for a while (at least), to mention just a few of its qualities. But, especially if it is designed and delivered well, change can be one of the most rewarding, motivating and success building actions both you and your business can undertake.

So, how can you deliver change without scaring everyone away, or creating chaos, or storing up ‘hidden’ issues that just cause problems in the future?

Here’s a few simple tips:

  • Only make changes if they are genuinely needed, or if you are certain they will deliver real benefits
  • Identify the actual changes needed without allowing your emotional connection to it, and others’ resistance to change, to influence your judgement unduly
  • Always, and I really do mean always plan change
  • Design a clear, simple ‘change plan’ with defined, measurable tasks and targets, and clear key dates and timescales
  • Implement the plan a little at a time – small changes quickly add up and are far less disruptive, and far more likely to be ‘bought into’ by everyone in your team and business
  • Resist the temptation to do too much too soon
  • Once you have confirmed each change is working, implement the next step
  • If your change plan isn’t working, have the courage to change it


The success of your change will also require excellent communication, at every step, with absolutely everyone affected by it.

So remind yourself of this easy communication ‘strategy’:

simple + clear = effective

Eliminate the waffle and your chances of success will increase significantly!

Good luck!

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Business alphabet: H is for Happiness!

Yes, of course, we all have ‘bad’ days don’t we?

However, have you noticed how different it is to deal with happy people? Whether it’s your dentist, a customer, or your children, if they have a smile it makes a difference – a BIG difference! Have you noticed how you tend to smile back?

There is clear evidence that people prefer to associate with happy people.

So, here’s a tip: look for something that always makes you smile. It could be a video on YouTube, a piece of music, a photo, a joke, a reminder of a holiday, thoughts of a favourite place, among many other things.

Keep this to hand whenever you’re having one of ‘those’ days and see how it brightens your day!

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Business alphabet: G is for…Goals!

Whenever I mention working out useful business goals, it is often met with ‘slopey shoulders’ and wrinkled noses.

However, the importance of goals should not be underestimated. They provide very valuable opportunities to motivate yourself and your team, and how you connect with them. They provide focus that everyone involved can look towards.

Specifically, when setting your goals, make them stretching but realistic, and double-check that completing them will provide real benefits for all who contribute to them.

Also, look to have a range of goals: short-term goals for completing within the next month, medium-term up to a year, longer-term a year or more.

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Business alphabet: F is for…Frequently Asked Questions!

When someone asks you a question, you almost always answer it, don’t you?

But do some clients, potential clients, suppliers, and those all-important referrers ask you the same questions regularly?

If so, then it could be a clear hint that your communication – your Twitter profile, your website, Facebook page, and so on – is not giving them what they seek.

However hard we try, it is unlikely that our website, social media profiles and pages, any printed and promotional items, and even the verbal communication we give out while networking will answer all of the questions other people ask all of the time.

So, whenever you are asked a question, especially if you find you are getting asked similar questions regularly, it could be a sign that your comms need reviewing.

Sometimes these questions might be as simple as, “What do you do?”, but whatever they are look carefully at how many of these FAQs can be answered simply and easily.

There’s a great way to think of your communication: simple+clear = effective

If you can answer most of the FAQs simply and easily, and often without you being there (e.g.: on your website), then how your network remembers you will be equally clear.

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Business alphabet: E is for…Environment!

You may have seen articles in the business pages in recent months looking at the impact on your working environment on your performance.

This is particularly important and differs whether you are an introvert or an extrovert.

Here’s a simple tip: in personality terms, just over half of our population are introverts. They usually prefer quiet time and space to ‘re-charge their batteries’. Extroverts usually prefer the chance to socialise in some way.

Get the best out of both by catering for their needs – a properly refreshed team stands the very best chance of delivering!

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