To grow, think clearly!

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Growing a business can feel like you’re in a sea of confusing information.
But only if you let it!

Some businesses seem to grow all by themselves, some seem to take a bit of a push, and some seem to take a disproportionate amount of effort to grow even a modest amount.

But, in reality, they are all doing, broadly speaking, the same things, it’s just that they need to alter the balance between the core elements of growth.

So, firstly, let’s look at what gets growth going:

  1. of all the things a business does, identifying which one gets the most attention from existing and potential customers
  2. how that product/service can be made even more appealing to even more people
  3. how the changes can be tested to check that they really work
  4. how you can let everyone (and I mean everyone) know about it

Let’s take these simple steps in order…


Step 1: which business activity gets the most attention?

Remember, this is not what you think gets the most attention, but what actually gets the most attention – not always the same thing!

So keep it simple – ask your customers, ask those who show an interest in your business, ask anyone that pays attention to your business.

There’s an awful lot of free ‘data’ out there that people are eager to let you have – so don’t be afraid to ask for it.


Step 2: how can you make it even more appealing?


Ask everyone, “What would make this better?”.

Remember (again), that the key is to understand how your customers, and potential customers see your business’s products, and which they are most likely to buy.

So , your customers are the best ones to ask.


Step 3: how can you test to check the changes work?

Get back to those who gave you the valuable feedback…

“What do you think of this?”


Step 4: how can you let absolutely everyone know about it?

This is where you have to be a bold! Even if it does feel a touch uncomfortable.

Have a think about how many opportunities you have to let everyone know about your new/improved product/service…

Your website


Business cards

Your network and at networking events

Local/national press

Offering to do interviews with radio, TV, etc – especially effective at a local level, who are always looking for good interviewees

Among many, many other opportunities


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